What You Need To Know About Pre-Employment Assessments

September 21, 2022 | Klein Consultants

What You Need To Know About Pre-Employment Assessments

What You Need To Know About Pre-Employment Assessments
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A cognitive abilities test can quickly assess certain skills of job applicants if you are looking to hire new employees. prospective employees Free pre-employment assessment test samples are provided below for practice or to get a sense of the types of questions to expect on a pre-employment test.

Pre-employment testing is when a company administers a series of tests and assessments to gather more information about an applicant. This can include assessing the potential employee’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being to ensure they’re fit for duty. This testing takes place before the candidate is even considered for the position.

We offer free test samples to help you practice and prepare for an upcoming test, as well as to see how well you might perform on the test. They can help you better understand the types of questions you might see on an actual test and get used to the time constraints that most pre-employment assessment tests have.

10 Pre-Employment Assessment Practice Questions & Answers

Take a Practice Pre-Employment Assessment Test

This is a sample intelligence test of 10 questions and answers that include questions similar to those found on many pre-employment tests.

The 4th month of the year is:
1) February
2) July
3) September
4) April

Which number is the largest?
1) 17.000
2) 17,000
3) 1.700
4) 17.00
5) 170.00

A store buys a loaf of bread for 33 cents per loaf from their supplier.  How much would 12 loaves cost?
1) $6.93
2) $6.39
3) $3.96
4) $3.69

Rearrange the words to form a complete sentence. Is it true or false? 4 Rectangle A has sides
1) A sentence cannot be formed
2) False
3) True
4) Unable to answer

There are 40 grams of sugar in a 12 oz can of Coca Cola. If your max intake of sugar permitted for the day is 25 grams, how much of the Coke can you drink?
1) 7.5 oz
2) 12 oz
3) 2 oz
4) 6 oz

How many exact pairs are there: 5656/5656, 3458/3468, 5239/5239, 8967/8967, 1432/14321643
1) 1
2) 6
3) 4
4) 3

ROYGBIV stands for:
1) types of flowers
2) the colors of the rainbow
3) the size of stars
4) a unit of measurement of time

What is 486.219456 rounded to the nearest hundredths place?
1) 486.20
2) 450.21
3) 500
4) 486.22

Arrange the following words so that they form a complete sentence.  Pentagon has a sides five  Is that sentence true or false?  
1) false
2) true
3) neither true nor false

A race car travels 100 feet in .5 seconds. At this rate of speed, how many feet will the race car travel in a minute?
1) 15,000 feet
2) 12,000 feet
3) 11,000 feet
4) 16,000 feet

Pre-employment assessment tests are an effective way to predict a job applicant’s future performance and determine if they are a good fit for a company. Different jobs require different skills, and a pre-employment test can determine whether a job applicant has the qualifications and/or personality to manage their job effectively. When used correctly, pre-employment tests can help human resource departments and businesses hire the best job candidates and retain talent.

What Employers Are Testing For

The employer must administer a variety of tests to the candidate to ensure that they receive an accurate picture of their skills and abilities. This means that pre-employment tests are frequently used to help employers learn more about their potential employees. During a pre-employment assessment, you can expect to be tested on the following items:

Physical Aptitude

If the job requires physical labor, physical tests must be performed. It is critical to determine whether a candidate is physically capable of performing the daily tasks required by their job. If these tests are not performed, it may result in future workplace injuries.

Job Expertise

Another important aspect to assess is the applicants’ knowledge. You want to find out how much they know about the field for which they are applying. This includes the technical and theoretical knowledge they’ll need to do their job every day. You want to hire someone who has at least a general understanding of your field.


Pre-employment tests not only evaluate candidates’ skills and abilities, but they can also be used to gain a better understanding of their personality traits. The personality of an employee has a significant impact on the work environment because it can disrupt the balance of the staff.

Cognitive Ability

Aptitude tests are used to assess an applicant’s critical thinking abilities. Because things do not always go as planned, having this skill is critical for employees. You must understand how this potential employee will react in stressful situations.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

It may not appear to be a relevant test for the workplace, but emotional intelligence has a significant impact on how one behaves around others. You want to hire people with high emotional intelligence so that workplace conflict is kept to a minimum.

Why Pre-Employment Assessments Are Useful

Employers may find it difficult and time-consuming to hire new employees. When it comes to hiring new employees, there are numerous factors to consider. Pre-employment testing can help you streamline your recruitment process. This provides you with a consistent routine that significantly improves your recruitment in the following ways:

Being more efficient with time. This streamlined process will make recruiting new employees more efficient. You don’t waste time on the recruitment process because these tests ensure that potential employees meet your requirements.

Hiring procedure that is unbiased. A streamlined recruitment process aids in the avoidance of bias. You may not realize you are biased, but you may be doing so subconsciously. A streamlined recruitment process will assist you in making a hiring decision based on the results of their tests.

More cost-effective. When you spend money on hiring specialists, the recruitment process can become quite expensive. When you use pre-employment testing, you’ll find it easier and less expensive. This allows you to create a standard budget for recruiting that isn’t too expensive.

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