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Klein Helps The Building Materials Industry Select Better Hires

The capacity to estimate and predict which applicants are best qualified for the organization is critical in today’s fast-paced construction sector. Building Material companies who are filtering through a large number of applications need a predictive evaluation to help them narrow down the field to the most qualified individuals.

Our Assessments Enable Businesses To Select The Best Candidates

Building material companies use Klein Assessments to test employees’ cognitive capacity, social skills, and work values across a wide range of industries. Gaining a better understanding of a candidate’s aims and personality has shown to be very advantageous to businesses.

Forest City Trading Group works with the timber and building industries to forge strategic connections between customers and sellers. An industry leader, Forest City Trading Group provides marketing, sourcing, price discovery, inventory consulting, risk management, market strategies, logistics, and supply chain consulting. Their specific hiring needs typically require analyzing applicants for multiple positions at a time. Klein Assessments allow them to view ideal applicants at a glance.

Weyerhaeuser Company is owns nearly 12,400,000 acres of timberlands in the U.S., and manages an additional 14,000,000 acres in Canada. The company also manufactures wood product and operates a real estate investment trust. Weyerhaeuser’s staffing needs require analyzing a wide variety of cognitive and personality traits that help them zero in on the optimum candidates they should consider for a given role in their organization.

Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, pioneered the U.S. production of oriented strand board panels and is a proven leader in high performance building solutions. Klein Assessments help them streamline their hiring process and select candidates who are a perfect fit for their corporate culture.

GP Pro provides world class brands like enMotion®, Compact® and Dixie Ultra®. From healthcare to food service, manufacturing to office buildings. The company has staffing needs that comprise markets across the country for a wide variety of positions. Klein Assessments help them gain perspective over which candidates are ideal for their various branches and divisions.

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