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Klein’s pre-employment assessments have helped business avoid bad hires for over 75 years. Because the wrong people in the wrong jobs cost your company real dollars.

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Hire the best people by recognizing and prioritizing the candidates who are most likely to succeed on the job. Watch a brief presentation on how Klein pre-employment assessments can be the single best indicator of on the job performance.

Why Use Klein Pre-Employment Assessments?

What if you had the power to predict?
Now you do.

Combine Klein’s predictive ability pre-employment assessments integrate cognitive ability, personality, and motivation into one intuitive score that helps teams quickly identify outstanding candidates for any department.

Hire better candidates.
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Our verified pre-employment assessments are used by some of the most well known firms and have been completed by hundreds of thousands of candidates. The system we have created has been evolving and improving for over 75 years.

Expand your talent pool by going far beyond a CV attachment in order to forecast which prospects have the best chance of succeeding.

Frequently Asked Questions


It can be time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating to hire new team members. Because of incompatibilities between their attributes and the work requirements, even candidates with outstanding resumes and good interviews may fall short when it comes to performance.

Many organizations use pre-employment assessments in their hiring operations to reduce the risk of making hiring blunders. Pre-employment testing is a method of acquiring objective information on candidates that is both methodical and efficient. Companies make better decisions when assessments are incorporated into the hiring process.

A pre-employment assessment can help you improve your hiring process by giving you more information about an applicant.

Pre-employment testing is used extensively by businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of industries. According to the Talent Board’s recent Candidate Experience Research Report, 82% of companies reported using some form of testing during their hiring process, with approximately 80% of Fortune 500 companies testing candidates pre-hire.

A pre-employment evaluation assesses the key qualities that contribute to job success. Two technical properties are used to judge how well an evaluation accomplishes its goal: reliability and validity.

Consistency is related to reliability. It refers to the consistency with which an assessment measures a trait. A trustworthy assessment generates information about persons that is constant and consistent. A person should earn a similar score if he or she retakes the same evaluation under the same conditions.

If your organization has never used pre-employment testing before, or if you’re transitioning to a new assessment platform, the next step is to make sure your present staff is on board. This translates to:

  • Early and frequent communication about why the new assessment platform was chosen, how it will be used, and when it will “go live.”
  • Current HR staff and hiring managers should undergo training on the system to ensure that everyone understands how to give assessments, receive reports, and analyze outcomes.
  • Define and standardize usage so that everyone is aware of when to request an assessment and how to incorporate the results into the general hiring workflow.
  • Encourage hiring managers, stakeholders, and users to participate in the assessment. This promotes confidence in the correctness of the results as well as familiarity with the test-taking procedure.
  • Keep track of the outcomes. Gather baseline data before executing the exam. Retention rate, time to hire, and diversity indicators are all common data factors to keep track on.

Ready to improve the way you hire?

Klein Pre-Employment Assessments are powerful tools that enable you to hire tenacious, hardworking people that can help you gain and keep a competitive edge. Our predictive analysis helps hiring managers find the best candidates.