Our assessments improve hiring information for decision makers.

Klein Consulting has perfected a suite of fair and predictive validity-based assessments as we help to create a more transparent view of a candidate.

Empowering teams to make better hiring decisions.

Our simple and intuitive assessment suite provides hiring managers and decision makers with the tools they need to filter through applicants and find the best candidates. The market for our services is vast, pre-assessment saves firms billions of dollars a year. Klein Consulting has been a recognized leader in pre-employment assessments for over 75 years.

A robust assessment matrix based on I/O Psychology

Our pre-employment assessments tell employers how candidates perceive  themselves and help categorize them based on predictive analysis. Often, our analysis provides a window into a candidates internal agenda. For example, a seasoned veteran salesperson, typically has a competitive streak, type A personalities, tend to function well autonomously and find a deep need to persuade team members.

Personality characteristics such as these often go undetected on a resume or during the interview process, however without these fundamental personality traits, a salesperson really won’t be effective. Having foresight into whether a candidate has these characteristics and to what degree is absolutely crucial in developing a team that can produce results.

Streamline the entire hiring process

We tell you exactly what you need to know. Simply put, creating an assessment provides a fair, accurate, and cost-effective way to hire. Because they acknowledge people’s complexity, tests offer a complete and realistic picture of each job applicant. By comparing the results of each test to established and verified norms, our tests predict with specificity and accuracy the likelihood of job success. Measurements that forecast the future.

A Pre-Employment Assessment Platform Can Take Your Business To The Next Level


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