Airlines Are Using Our Pre-Hiring Assessments

We have a long and consistent track record of working with Airlines. Klein Assessments are used by some of the leading airlines in the industry. Companies have come to rely on the business intelligence delivered in our assessments to make better hiring decisions.

Our Assessments Help Airlines Make Better Hiring Choices

Our battery of assessments enable Airlines to gauge an applicants mental and cognitive abilities, their social facilitation skills, their work values and understand the motivational traits found in their personality.

Aer Lingus is national airline of Ireland and serves 129 destinations worldwide. With a wide variety and ever-changing set of hiring needs, airlines like Aer Lingus rely on Klein Assessments to help them clarify the competencies of their final candidates to find the best suited for their individual hiring needs.

Alitalia is the national airline of Italy serving 97 destinations worldwide. Their complex hiring needs span the globe and airlines like Alitalia have come to depend on Klein Assessments for our ability to forecast which candidates are the ideal fit for the given position they have applied for.

Royal Dutch Airlines is the national airline for the Netherlands flying to 140 destinations globally. With a long and distinguished career in aviation, KLM has developed a reputation for their impeccable service. KLM’s utilization of Klein Assessments in an integral part of their hiring process which allows them to identify the most ideal candidates.

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