The company originated as The Klein Institute for Aptitude Testing, Inc., founded by Jack Klein, objective was the research and development of aptitude tests and behavioral assessments to identify job interests and competencies in candidates that could predict performance.
The Klein Institute for Aptitude Testing, Inc. has their informal press conference to announce their comprehensive assessment based on statistical information and methodologies, partially accrued from the armed forces use of the behavioral science during the war. The famous Dr. Arthur Otis, responsible for the development of the Army Alpha test addressed the assessments’ ability to gauge mentality and adaptability.
Jack Klein dies. The Klein Institute for aptitude testing company was taken over by his son Elliott Klein after his passing and headed by George Nelson. TimesMachine: March 11, 1960 – NYTimes.com
Now headed by Elliot Klein, George Nelson & Mitchell Levitt, Klein institute closed the academic portion of the company, implementing the research acquired through its educational division and focusing its efforts on selection, development and succession planning. They re-incorporate as Klein Behavioral Science Consultants Inc.
Klein behavioral science consultants utilized the robust number of databases for selection, development and succession planning in the building materials and industrial fields. They work extensively with the lumber & pulp and paper fields to develop job and industry specific norms. References to the company were included in handbooks of Georgia-Pacific for its assistance in selection and development of management training programs.
Company continued under Mitchell Levitt until his passing in where in Frank Tuthill became the managing partner with a renewed focus on adaptive competency modeling for its Industrial, Banking & Finance and Business Services.
The Klein Institute for Aptitude Testing, Inc runs a massive study of the time on salesmen. Over 12000 salesmen are tested among 250 companies using the Bereuter Personality Inventory. This represents one of the first times that a psychological testing has occurred wide scale with a specific focus on effectives sales representatives. Findings were published to the Journal of Marketing and Journal of Consulting Psychology, Vol 10(3), May 1946, 127-130
The Klein Institute for Aptitude Testing, Inc. releases its second study to the Journal of psychology. The findings on  what makes an effective sales representative continues to be a cornerstone of study for Organizational Psychology Majors  until today: The Rosenzweig Picture Frustration Study: II. Interpretation: The Journal of Psychology: Vol 28, No 2 (tandfonline.com)
Klein hosts its 25th anniversary at the Waldorf Astoria inviting executives across industries from clients over 1,100 organizations.
Legg, Mason & Co., Inc.; Clients of Klein, win a supreme court case which rules that the assessments implemented by Klein Behavioral science consultants are sound and in compliance with the EEOC. Kinsey v. Legg, Mason & Co., Inc., 60 F.R.D. 91 | Casetext Search + Citator
Klein Behavioral Science Consultants continues to work extensively with Industrial and Business Services clients such as Forrest City Trading Group Weyerhaeuser, OPW, ESCO, Hood Packaging, Westrock. Crane & Co. Paper Makers, 3M & Intertape Polymer Group to develop tailored selection programs based on big data accrued from its remote testing program.
Klein shifts to a web-based testing platform extending the use of their powerful selection tools to any web-based device. Bubble charting of assessment and performance survey data enables clients of all sizes to develop adaptive competency modeling. Clients see which competencies are associated with success in their companies to make informed decisions for selection, workforce utilization and succession planning.