A Variety Of Different Industries Rely On Klein Assessments

In today’s rapidly changing industries, the ability to estimate and predict which applicants are best qualified for the organization is essential. Industrial enterprise that are sifting through a huge number of applications require a predictive evaluation to help them filter down the field to the best candidates for the job.

Klein Assessments Are Changing Industries One At A Time

Klein Assessments are used by corporations across a wide range of industries to assess employees’ cognitive ability, social skills, and work values. Firms have discovered that gaining a better knowledge of a candidate’s goals and personality is quite beneficial.

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Novelis Inc. is an American industrial conglomerate in aluminum and copper manufacturing, Novelis is a leading producer of rolled aluminum and the global leader in beverage can recycling. Their specific hiring needs typically require analyzing sophisticated candidates who not only have the intellectual capabilities but their personality traits to assume the demands of a rigorous work environment. Klein Assessments allow them to view ideal applicants at a glance.

Since 1892, OPW has been leading the way in revolutionizing fluid-handling operations around the world.  A global leader in fluid-handling solutions, OPW’s  staffing needs require analyzing a wide variety of cognitive and personality traits that help them zero in on the optimum candidates they should consider for a given role in their organization.

Avnet has been a global leader and worldwide distributor of electronic components since 1921. Klein Assessments help them streamline their hiring process and select candidates who are a perfect fit for their corporate culture.

Chemtex is a leader in chemical engineering and renewable processes. The company has staffing needs that comprise markets across the country for a wide variety of positions. Klein Assessments help them gain perspective over which candidates are ideal for their various branches and divisions.

Cornell is a leading national manufacturer of custom closures for commercial applications. A supplier of products that provide added security, insulation, and fire protection, Cornell’s hiring needs are diverse. Their specific hiring needs typically require analyzing a high volume number of applicants for numerous positions at a time. Klein Assessments allow them to view ideal applicants at a glance.

Emerson Electric Co. is a multinational Fortune 500 company that manufactures products and provides engineering services for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. As a global leader, Emerson’s vast hiring needs routinely require identifying candidates with the potential to transition through a broad range of roles to acquire the unique experience needed to be successful in senior management. Emerson uses Klein Assessments to allow them to quickly find candidates best suited for a variety of positions available within the corporation.

Esco is a manufacturer of engineered metal wear parts and components for industrial applications—including mining and construction. A global leader, Esco’s has staffing needs that are dynamic and require the predictive analytical data provided by Klein Assessments.

Hood Packaging is a leading North American manufacturer of plastic film and bags, woven polypropylene bags, coated and laminated materials, and paper packaging. As such, their hiring needs are diverse and require a pre-assessment tool that can filter through applicants to find the ideal candidates.

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