Basic Personality Assessment

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Basic Personality Assessment


Today’s challenging positions require the ability to stand up to the job’s everyday pressures and strains. Indicators about a person’s ability to work independently, recover quickly from setbacks and make decisions objectively are all hallmarks of great personality traits in key employees. Accordingly, an applicants resiliency, self-sufficiency, objectivity and self-confidence are all metrics we gauge when compiling a detailed report of suitable prospects.

Gauging Personality Traits

Can the candidate work with minimal supervision? Will they need support in trying circumstances? Are they assertive enough to gain consensus with their peers? Do they possess the ability to make prospects believe that your firm has the answers to their problems?

Can your candidate handle the emotional demands of the position ?

Predicting Future Behavior

Klein’s basic personality assessment uses a range of predictive analytical data to filter applicants and put laser focus on the ideal candidates you should be considering for a given role within your organization.


What Can a Personality Assessment Reveal?

While each type of assessment has useful applications depending on your objective, behavioral assessments are particularly revealing, powerful, and relevant to solving some of your most strategic and consequential people-related issues. Having a thorough understanding of how each person should behave in a given function or work scenario, as well as how to interact with them, will allow you to foresee, manage, and resolve people-related issues long before they arise.