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Work Values Assessment


Work values are a critical predictor of long term job productivity. Businesses are searching for hard working individuals with a unique skillset. Ideal prospects have the ability to organize their time and efforts. They also possess the capability to set strategic goals and pursue them vigorously. These are highly desirable traits most of today’s employers are seeking.

Assess an Applicants Core Values

Learning more about a candidate’s underlying work habits can help you decide whether they are the right fit for the job. Klein Assessments help employers accomplish this by finding out an applicant’s values. Knowing a candidate’s mindset can help you decide whether they will be a good fit for your corporate culture and work well within the team dynamic you are considering them for.

Does your candidate take a disciplined approach to meeting objectives?

Measuring Work Values

Work values are an important aspect to consider in the hiring decision-making process. Klein Assessments provide hiring managers with the clarity they need to hire inviduals that best align with the core values of their company.

Goal Direction
Need for Variety

Why Use Our Work Values Assessment?

It’s important to engage with candidates that are pursuing the right career path. Ideally, you want to find individuals who are the right “fit”. This can be very challenging when interviewing a large pool of candidates for numerous positions. Klein Assessments make finding candidates that adhere to your company work values easier. Using our scoring matrix, we are able to filter through a large volume of individuals to find the most suitable candidates for your hiring needs.