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Mental Ability Assessment


Klein’s mental assessment battery makes it a breeze to assess a candidate’s hard and soft talents. Hiring managers find that our mental assessment makes it easy to determine a candidate’s, cognitive capacity, receptiveness to training, and multitasking abilities.

Assessing Cognitive Ability

Simply said, cognitive capacity is the capability of a candidate to learn, evolve, find solutions, and comprehend pertinent instructions. A cognitive ability exam is the single best predictor of job performance, and it can help you figure out if a candidate is capable of doing the job.

Assessing a Candidates Mental Ability

Measuring Cognitive Ability

Klein assessments take into account a candidate’s general response pattern, as well as the complexity of each question and the effect of guessing to produce an even more accurate picture of cognitive ability.

Problem Solving
Abstract Thought
Learning Ability

Why Use a Mental Ability Assessment?

This type of objective candidate data, which is more predictable than resumes, cover letters, and interviews, can help your company identify best-fit candidates early in the vetting process, decide who to make an offer to once you have a shortlist of frontrunners, and tailor candidates’ onboarding and training experiences to best meet their needs.