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Klein Behavioral Science Consultants are a strong partner for businesses across the globe. Klein pre-employment assessments are used by industry leading businesses focused on long term growth. Predictive analysis gives them the ability to choose better candidates.

Assessments Give Businesses The Clarity They Need

In todays fast paced business environment, a large companies staffing needs require the ability to predict and forecast which applicants are best suited for the role. Business who are engaged in filtering through a large pool of applicants need a predictive assessment to help cull candidates down to the best possible candidates for the job.

Benefits of Behavioral Science

Airgas an Air Liquide company, is a leading supplier of industrial, medical and specialty gases. Their specific hiring needs typically require analyzing applicants for numerous positions at a time. Klein Assessments allow them to view ideal applicants with potential for growth within the company.

The LiRo Group is an architecture, engineering and construction firm with projects for a variety of public & private sectors in the Northeast & West Coast. The firms staffing needs require analyzing a wide variety of cognitive and personality queues that help them zero in on the optimum candidates they should consider for a given role in their organization.

Nalco Water, an Ecolab Company, is a leading supplier of water, energy and air improvement solutions and services for industrial and institutional markets. Klein Assessments help them streamline their hiring process and select candidates who are a perfect fit for their corporate culture.

Prudential Overall Supply is an industry leading uniform and textile laundry service, serving industrial clients such as automotive production and cleanroom facilities. The company has staffing needs that comprise markets across the country for a wide variety of positions. Klein Assessments help them gain perspective over which candidates are ideal for their various branches and divisions.

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