Social Facilitation Skills Assessment

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Social Facilitation Skills Assessment


The capability to develop effective relationships with others can hardly be overestimated as a factor in business success. An ability to sell ideas is part of almost any job. For salespeople, the necessity is obvious. But anyone who needs to win the consensus of others, must have the ability to present their point of view clearly and persuasively. Knowledge of what is appropriate behavior in a variety of situations and the capacity to size people up and draw realistic conclusions about them are an integral part of our social facilitation skills assessment.

Assessing Social Skills

Can a candidate establish and maintain effective work relationships? Do they handle delicate circumstances with poise and skill? Does the applicant understand how to personalize their approach to selling situations? How does a candidate work within a team dynamic to accomplish everyday business objectives?

Can your candidate develop critical business relationships ?

Measuring Social Skills

How a candidate will perform in a team setting is just as important as their technical proficiency. Find out if your ideal candidate has the right social skills to be effective in their role.

Sales Knowledge
Social Insight
Leadership Orientation

Why Use Our Social Facilitation Assessment?

Determining a candidates social skills can often lead to a better hiring result. Does the candidate, create an inclusive environment in the workplace? Are they proficient in communicate clear guidelines and instructions to subordinates? Do they lack empathy or the verbal skills to facilitate conversations? How does a candidate go about building consensus? The answers to these questions provides clarity and enables companies to hire better employees.