Motivational Orientation

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Motivational Orientation


There is definitely a hierarchy in a candidate’s motivational needs: the strength of their need to achieve, their desire for recognition, and most importantly their ability to work in a challenging environment are capacities that are extremely critical in situations where change must be constantly and actively mastered.

Motivational Assessments

Do they set high standards for themselves? Does their need for approval overshadow their ability to take decisive action? Is their need for recognition likely to be satisfied by the job itself? Klein assessments offer invaluable insights as to a candidates mind-set.

What type of motivational environment enables your candidate to perform optimally?

Measuring Motivation

Klein’s motivational assessment reveals a candidates interests and determines what inspires them, what they need and whether they genuinely want to do the job.

Need for Independence
Need for Achievement
Need for Support
Need for Recognition

Why Use a Motivational Assessment?

When you hire people who enjoy what they do, you’ll be less likely to lose money due to attrition and incorrect personnel, and your personnel will be more likely to be productive, engaged, and devoted to their job (and your company’s objectives) for the foreseeable future.