What Work Values Tell Us About a Candidate

October 17, 2021 | Klein Consultants

What Work Values Tell Us About a Candidate

What Work Values Tell Us About a Candidate
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Many hiring managers look to testing a candidate’s work values as a predictive indicator of performance. When we look at data on employee counter-productivity, we see that roughly 25% of all employees engage in some type of behavior that is completely counter-productive to achieving company goals. As a result, hiring managers are screening a disproportionately large number of candidates that may be undesirable given the hiring objectives. If hiring managers are able to quickly identify 5% of those as undesirable prospects using a criminal background check, you can expect that 20% of the people you hire will still engage in some form of on-the-job counter-productivity.

Why Testing For Work Values Works

Work values assessments are recommended by HR Managers because, first and foremost, they have no discriminatory impact based on race or gender. As a result, they do not address the same issues as credit reporting agencies or running a criminal background check.

Second, a work values assessment tends to screen out roughly 25% of those who apply for a given role. This is congruent with what we see in the workplace when it comes to counterproductive behavior. Unlike typical criminal background checks, which have a tendency to only screen out 5% of people, the test screens out the percentage of people who are likely to be nonproductive, difficult workers in the workplace.

Finally, they are relevant to the job and are in line with corporate requirements. A well-designed test will contain extensive documentation about its validity, reliability, and other technical elements that an employer might use to demonstrate that it is a useful and lawful screening tool. Hiring someone who does not fit the personality of your organization might be a costly error. Make sure to be careful to interview candidates for cultural fit as well as job qualifications to avoid making that mistake.

Core Work Values Employers Look For

Core Work Values - Most Important Work Values Employers Look For - Integrity, Autonomy, Service, Growth, Innovation
Most Important Work Values Employers Look For


Both you and the firm may value your ability to work in a manner that allows you to perform at your best. You may want to feel empowered as an employee to make decisions and take action. Many employers like to allow you the freedom to work at your own pace and in your own manner as long as you fulfill acceptable performance standards.


Many people and businesses believe that a company’s growth is linked to its employees’ professional development. When you value growth, you must strive to improve yourself and your company on a regular basis. Mutual success is the foundation for growth. If you value professional development, you should look for a company that invests in its employees and creates an environment that encourages personal and professional development.


Challenge yourself to see what else you can do to better serve your team, customers, and organization. You are a work in progress who is constantly striving to develop and achieve greater success. Consider new approaches to solving difficult challenges. Consider taking sensible risks. The company advances when it discovers innovative ways to solve a challenge.


Being service-minded or customer-oriented means that you care about giving your clients a positive experience. Supporting your community and team might also be included in this value. When you value service, you seek to give the individuals you serve and support a meaningful experience.


When you value integrity in the job, you strive to do the right thing even when no one is watching. Honesty, openness, and a commitment to doing what’s best for your clients, customers, colleagues, and company may also be important to you.

Work Values Assessment - What are the work values that employers tend to look for when looking for ideal candidates?
What are the work values that employers tend to look for when looking for ideal candidates?

How Work Values Predict Which Employees Will Be The Best Cultural Fit

Given the significant financial investment that each new hire represents, it’s well worth the time and effort to interview for cultural fit as well as abilities and experience. A pre-employment work values evaluation, when used in conjunction with a structured interview during the hiring process, can make a significant difference. Understanding employee values, motivators, and interests is critical to building a genuinely effective team; understanding what keeps people fulfilled is a fundamental factor. Unlike traditional job interviews, which focus on validating qualifications, work value assessments ensure that potential applicants fit the company’s corporate culture and key values.

Employers who conduct a work values assessment provide hiring managers the resources to analyze those pre-employment tests which allow them to get a better feel of how the prospect may or may not match with your company’s values. All of this information, combined with the candidate’s performance on our assessment battery, will help you make the best decision possible.

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