Importance of Behavioral Science

March 15, 2022 | Klein Consultants

Importance of Behavioral Science

Importance of Behavioral Science
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Typically, behavioral science is the study of human behavior. Through keen observation, scientists often try to understand how people behave. In particular, they analyze how factors like background, habits, and motivation, among other factors, influence how people behave. This way, they are able to understand individuals better.

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Factors that affect human behavior

There is a broad spectrum of factors that can influence people’s decisions and character. Some of them include:

Psychological Influences.

Individual motivation often determines people’s choices. Motivation comes from goals people want to achieve. For instance, if someone has a need they seek to meet, chances are that they will work extra hard to get it. A person’s self-esteem also helps in increasing motivation.

Behavioral influences.

Normally, a person’s values, beliefs, attitudes, and risk assessment influence how they behave. For example, a person who upholds integrity is more likely, to be honest in all their endeavors. On the other hand, people with a winning attitude are naturally more diligent.

Biological Influences.

Scientists report that age, sex, and genetics usually affect human behavior. Some people inherit certain personality traits from their parents or family members. And this affects how they react to situations.

Societal Influences.

At times, people alter their behavior to belong to a certain social group. Additionally, people can make choices to meet societal demands.

Understanding behavioral science and recruitment

Every human resources expert uses behavioral science to improve their hiring process. Behavioral science helps hiring managers determine employees’ attitudes, character, and motivation levels. As a result, they will be better positioned to deal with employee issues. Also, it helps them come up with more detailed job adverts so that they can attract the best candidates.

Behavioral science: Traditional recruitment process vs. Modern recruitment process

Before scientists explained the importance of behavioral science in the recruitment process, hiring managers used the traditional recruitment process. The conventional hiring process usually depends on the opinion of the hiring manager. It never analyzed whether the potential candidate was fit for the job. Subsequently, this led to poor employee performance and decreased organizational growth. Given the freedom, hiring managers are more likely to select people who resemble their character or someone they have known for a while. Therefore, the traditional recruitment process makes hiring managers leave out the best candidates for the job without even realizing it.

 Human resource managers should incorporate reasoned thoughts during the hiring process to make better decisions. Evaluating how much the employee is likely to offer the organization in the long and short run is helpful.

Importance of behavioral science in the workplace

Effective performance management

One of the main advantages of behavioral science is that it helps in improving performance in the workplace. As mentioned earlier, hiring managers are able to make better recruitment decisions when using behavioral science. In turn, they recruit the best candidates who deliver their best on every task given. Therefore, they contribute to better organizational performance.

Promoting or stifling creativity and innovation

Incorporating behavioral science into the workplace stimulates innovation and creativity. Behavioral science helps leaders in the workplace understand people better. Hence, they give people a chance to contribute their ideas without being afraid.

Encourage healthy behaviors

Human resource experts often use behavioral science to promote healthy behavior in the workplace. For instance, putting up a sign with horrible pictures of the effects of smoking automatically discourages smoking in the workplace. On the flip side, putting up a picture of healthy fruits and vegetables encourages healthy eating in the workplace.

Fostering the well-being of employees

Employers are more likely to understand employees better through behavioral science. In turn, they are likely to create a better working environment with substantial rewards. Subsequently, employees will be happier in such an environment. At the end of the day, behavioral science helps you improve employee satisfaction and reduce the turnover rate.

Better interpersonal relations in the workplace

When people use behavioral science correctly in the workplace, they will understand each other better. Behavioral science helps you appreciate the uniqueness of each individual. Therefore, you will be in a better position to appreciate both their strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, behavioral science prevents workplace conflicts by promoting harmony among employees. In turn, everyone is able to perform better.

The Bottom Line

Behavioral science is essential in the recruitment process. Therefore, if you are a human resource expert, ensure that you use this approach when hiring new people. Behavioral science helps you understand the attitudes and behaviors of potential candidates. Thus, it helps you know how each candidate will contribute to the success of the company. Moreover, incorporating behavioral science into the workplace improves interpersonal relations and overall productivity. So, how do you incorporate behavioral science into your workplace? Klein Consultants has got you covered. We have experts who can show and advise you on how to use behavioral science in the daily activities of your workplace.

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