Klein releases PC Assessment System Version 3.5 . This application allows for Klein's Test Battery to be administered on a PC. The program eliminates the need for proctoring and decreases report turnaround.


Klein releases Server Edition Version 3.4 This application is designed specifically for installation on a server. Multiple candidates can access the program simultaneously and take the Klein Test Battery on their PC through RDP.


Klein Launches Remote Testing. Clients can now have their candidates test remotely from any PC running  Windows Operation System. Remote testing is powered by Server Edition Version 3.4



Founded in 1939, Klein Behavioral Science Consultants pioneered the use of the behavioral sciences to solve problems of assessment, selection and work force utilization. Selecting, managing and developing employees are essential corporate skills and the focus of our work. Our services provide impartial, accurate, and indispensable information and assistance to one of the most critical aspects of an executive’s job, selecting and managing people. Having the right people in the right positions improves the bottom line.